Custom Fountain Pens
By Eddie Tobey

Most people write differently and many prefer particularly designed fountain pens. Fountain pens to suit an individualís writing needs are called custom fountain pens. Custom-made fountain pens are wonderful combinations of the creativity of the manufacturer and the individual needs of the user; they are manufactured out of wood, glass, precious metal, hard rubber and celluloid according to a specific design (sometimes ordered). Engraving of names and messages are also a part of the custom fountain pen manufacturing process. Precious metals like gold and diamonds may enrich a custom fountain pen. Cost is not often a deterrent to the user who wants a particular design.


Adjusting the tip of the nib to write cursive right obliquely, cursive left obliquely, cursive italic, straight italic, straight right oblique, straight left oblique, stub and round pointed are a few custom fountain pen varieties. What can be achieved by customizing the nib is that it can be made narrower, or its size can be increased by retipping.

Most custom-made pens are preordered. Many manufacturers offer custom-made pens in bulk, while only a few are willing to take up orders for custom-made pens in ones or twos. The best way to promote a company is through gifting away pens. Corporate offices may gift away custom-made pens with name, message or company logo engraved on the pens to their employees or clients. Engravings are done on the nibs, barrels, caps and clips.

Of the various materials used in custom-made pens, deer antler is the most difficult one to craft. There are custom fountain pens made of ivory, too. While it is common to have nibs of gold and silver, the clip is also made of gold and studded with diamonds in some fountain pens.

A custom-made pen may be gifted or preserved, adding to the collection of exquisite pens.

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