Pens – All Pens Are Not Created Equally

By Lucy Bartlett

What is there to a pen? Bend some metal into a nib, fill the bodies of the tube with soluble ink and you have a pen to write with. Or to be in touch with the modern times, make an ink concentrate, fill it in a small enclosed plastic tube, attach a tiny spring and there you have a ball point pen.

It is not as simple as you think though. The niche market for exclusive designer pen is getting bigger and bigger. Every Jones wants a pen of unique design and he doesn’t mind the cost.

If you look into the history of designer pens you will find interesting anecdotes such as the inventor of the first stylographic fountain pen who, lacking the funds needed to start his own manufacturing unit, showed the design to another inventor who immediately modified the design by adding a spring and marketed it under the brand name “Cross”. The original inventor Duncan Mackinno, found another partner, added a similar spring to his invention to improve its style and tried to market this designer pen. He got sued by Cross!


The purchase of a designer pen may signify a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary or a corporate or personal gift. The individuality is the important factor in designer pens. Businesses also want their logo incorporated in to the designer pens especially manufactured for them as a part of their advertisement campaign.

The designer pens should be offbeat yet high-style pens, focusing on excellent quality, preferably designed by contemporary graphic artists with colorful art as the primary motif. It can be multicolor, three-dimensional or with comparable color background.

A classy designer pen may cost around USD 65.00 but depending upon the name and prestige of the creators, price shoots up higher depending upon the class of the vendors.

Gold, wood, high quality plastic, silver you name it - you got it in your designer pens. If you don’t tighten up your purse strings or if you have multiple credit cards, you can get a gold designer pen or a limited edition wooden designer pen hand carved by expert craftsmen. The designs available are so many, it might be little difficult to choose a pen immediately. Monogrammed, contoured, shell and pewter are some of the choices. It is an entirely different world there in the designer pen market.

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