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  • Fountain Pens: A Bit Of History
    The oldest known fountain pen that still survives today dates back to the early 1700s and was developed in France after thousands of years of writing with quill pens. Over the next hundred years, several new fountain pens were developed and patented, including a half-quill half-metal pen. Then, in 1831, the first self-filling fountain pen was developed by a man named John Jacob Parker – and the Parker Pen dynasty was born. The design of the fountain pen was based upon the observation that a bird’s quill contained a hollow channel that made a natural reservoir for ink. Drawing on that observation, inventors attempted to produce the same effect with a man-made pen that would hold more ink and not require constant dipping into an inkwell
  • Calligraphy
    Calligraphy ranges from functional hand lettered inscriptions and designs to fine art pieces where the abstract expression of the handwritten mark may or may not supersede the legibility of the letters
  • Fountain Pen History
    The urge to write and draw can be dated back to the early ages of human civilization. Caves discovered by archeologists are proof of the attempts of the primitive men to draw and write. From engraving on stone plates and cave walls to writing on palm leaves and hieroglyph inscriptions, mankind has been trying to preserve its thoughts using various implements: sharp stones, reeds, metals and quills.
  • Custom Fountain Pens
    Most people write differently and many prefer particularly designed fountain pens. Fountain pens to suit an individual’s writing needs are called custom fountain pens. Custom-made fountain pens are wonderful combinations of the creativity of the manufacturer and the individual needs of the user; they are manufactured out of wood, glass, precious metal, hard rubber and celluloid according to a specific design (sometimes ordered). Engraving of names and messages are also a part of the custom fountain pen manufacturing process. Precious metals like gold and diamonds may enrich a custom fountain pen. Cost is not often a deterrent to the user who wants a particular design.
  • The Importance of Pens
    Pens are available in every price range. There are the very inexpensive type that is give always at trade shows and hotels. There are also beautiful pens by Cross for under $25.00 and there are very elegant pens from Mont Blanc that can cost as much as several thousand dollars.
  • Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens
    What's so special about collecting an old fountain pen? The craftsmanship of vintage fountain pens creates the essence of impeccable beauty and exquisite artistic value. Owning and using this type of pen revealed that the writer had discriminating taste.
  • Pens – All Pens Are Not Created Equally
    What is there to a pen. Bend some metal into a nib, fill the bodies of the tube with soluble ink and you have a pen to write with. Or to be in touch with the modern times, make an ink concentrate, fill it in a small enclosed plastic tube, attach a tiny spring and there you have a ball point pen. It is not as simple as you think though. The niche market for exclusive designer pen is getting bigger and bigger
  • If You Love To Write, Do It With Fountain Pens
    Fountain pens aren't ordinary writing instruments: they are works of art. Just like timepieces, fountain pens are meticulously crafted by skilled artists and engineers to come up with well designed yet fully functional fountain pens. That is why collectors keep it and pass it on to the next generation as a sort of heirloom.

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